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Elderly Indiana Driver Dies When Standing Train Distracts Her at Dangerous, Unguarded Crossing

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(Fort Branch, Indiana – October 29, 2011)

A 75-year-old motorist was killed by a CSX freight train going 60 mph at a dangerous, unguarded Indiana crossing Saturday morning about 8:40 A.M. The speeding train had been hidden by a stopped CSX freight train on the opposite track and caused this crossing to be extremely dangerous.

Evelyn Bullock of Fort Branch, IN died at the crossing of CR550S and the CSX double track, which has only stop signs and passive railroad crossbucks, rather than lights, bells and gates, to protect the driving public. Adding heartache to the tragedy, the sister of the victim happened upon the scene only moments after the collision.

Bullock, a mother, grandmother and widow, was on her way home after an early morning shopping trip for groceries and gasoline. Ironically, the site of the tragedy was only a half mile from the home where the two siblings grew up.

Gibson County Coroner Barrett Doyle said that Mrs. Bullock probably never saw or heard the hidden train that killed her because of the second, stationary train. Her Ford Escort was dragged 300 feet down CSX tracks before being flung into a trackside ditch.

The victim’s sister bristled at speculation that Mrs, Bullock might have had hearing problems, denying the insensitive accusation, as well as noting that her sister was driving with her window down.