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Driver Of BMW Killed By BNSF Train

(Riverside, California – October 2, 2011)

The driver of a BMW sedan died about 8:45 P.M. Sunday night when his car was struck by a Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train at the crossing of Adams Street and BNSF railroad tracks in Riverside, CA.

First notification came from a BMW-sponsored roadside assistance service (ATX/BMW), which notified Riverside Police of an airbag inflation. The car, which was on the crossing even though, according to witnesses, lights and gates had activated prior to the collision, was carried about a half mile down the tracks, impaled upon the front of the lead locomotive.

Officers had to respond on foot from the crossing, and arrived just in time to extricate the victim from his BMW just before it burst into flames. The victim, a male about 30 years of age, was declared dead at the scene.