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Deadly Arkansas Railroad Crossing Nearly Claims Another

(Rector, Arkansas – April 26, 2011)

The Clay County, Arkansas Road 481 non-signalized grade crossing which claimed the life of Rector teenager Kayley Bell less than three weeks earlier, was again the site of a serious injury accident Tuesday morning. As a Monette, Arkansas resident had his 2011 GMC pickup truck hit by a southbound Union Pacific train as he crossed the UPRR tracks.

Jan Roddy, who is in his mid-thirties, was airlifted to The Med in Memphis with head injuries, cuts and bruises, and was conscious and able to communicate with law enforcement and EMT personnel who responded to the wreck upon being notified through the vehicle’s On-Star system. The crossing is owned by Union Pacific Railroad.

A single incident at a crossing should literally be a red light for Railroads.  Once a crossing has had an accident, the Railroad is on notice to remedy the issues that make the crossing usafe.  They are also obliged to stop trains from using the crossing without taking very specific special precautions. The tragedy is that Railroads are fully aware of the factors which make a crossing dangerous it’s just that no action is typicall taken until a tragedy like this has occured. Obviously one accident wasn’t enough for this crossing. Click HERE for more information on a Railroad’s responsibilities at a crossing.


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