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CSX Coal Train Derails, Pollutes Creek with Tons of Spilled Coal

(Raleigh, West Virginia – August 2, 2012)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was notified Thursday afternoon following the derailment of at least a half-dozen CSX rail cars loaded with coal, all of which dumped their loads into Piney Creek in Raleigh County in the community of Raleigh, WV Thursday about 2:11 P.M.

CSX Railroad officials confirmed that the creek had been polluted and the EPA was notified after the derailment of the 75-car coal train, which had two locomotives on each end of the train.

At least four major roadways were closed because of the derailed train, which blocked Burmeister Avenue, Raleigh Ridge Road, High Hill Loop and Shriver Avenue, necessitating the dispatch of Raleigh County Sheriff’s officers to direct traffic and control onlookers at the intersections and derailment site.

The train was travelling from Beckley, WV to Quinnimont, WV.