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Crossing Accident Victim Sues For Videotapes

By January 12, 2012 No Comments

(Stamford, Connecticut – January 11, 2012)

The 80-year-old victim of a Sept. 27 car/train collision at a private, but signalized, crossing in Stamford, CT where a similar accident occurred less than two months later has been forced to sue the owners of the office park out of which the crossing exits for a copy of their security video of the collision.

Theresa Apruzzese’s 1991 Cadillac was struck by a Metro-North commuter passenger train when she attempted to leave the Riverbend Center South office park , and both she and Marie Mojica, 58, a newspaper carrier for The Stamford Advocate, whose Ford station wagon was struck by another Metro- North train at the same crossing early Nov. 17, were cited for “failure to comply with railroad crossing control devices on a private road.”

Fighting both the charges and the railroad, Apruzzese, of Greenwich, CT, requested a copy of Riverbend Center’s video of her collision, as well as others that have occurred at the crossing, through her attorney, but was refused by Jonathan Turner, facilities manager for the office park, who told her to seek the tape from Metro-North Railroad.

Metro-North spokesman Salvatore Arena, who said that the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) had “determined that Apruzzese was at fault,” also said that MTA police, indeed, have a copy of a video of the accident, “but will not release it without a formal request or a court-approved subpoena for it.”

Unlike other crossings on MTA Metro-North’s New Canaan Line, the Riverbend Drive South crossing has no crossing gates to supplement its signals and crossbuck signs.