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CN Railway under-reporting train problems?

Chicagoland municipalities are claiming that Canadian National Railway has failed to disclose all of the accidents and delays that occurred earlier this year at their grade crossings. The Regional Answer to Canadian National (TRAC) claims that CN did not account for numerous incidents – at least 18 delays due to gate malfunctions, and a handful of accidents, including a brush fire started from track sparks which caused damage to a building, several trailers, and a vehicle. There are numerous other complaints against the railroad as well which seem to have conveniently been left unreported by CN.

As usual, the railroad is putting a PR spin on their failure to comply (unconvincingly claiming that they complied with everything they were strictly asked to report). This claim is being challenged by the municipalities, who sense that the railroad’s only aim is to paint a false, rosy picture of their actions. Hopefully the railroad is forced to reckon with their negligence and subsequent deception, overwhelmingly common problems with railroad companies.