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13-Year-Old Loses Leg to CSX Train

By December 20, 2011 No Comments

(Covington, Kentucky – December 17, 2011)

Two middle school students, attracted to the excitement of trains and attempting to climb aboard a moving one, were involved in tragic circumstances in Covington, KY Saturday afternoon about 2:05 P.M. when one of the pair, a 13-year-old boy, slipped and fell beneath a freight car of a CSX train, severing his foot between the ankle and the knee.

The accident occurred near the 2000 block of Donaldson Avenue, and the uninjured friend ran for help while his companion lay writhing in pain at the accident site.

Covington EMT’s initially treated the victim, but he was then taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center for treatment of his horrible, life-altering injuries.

Covington Police Dept. Lt. Col. Spike Jones said that, while CSX authorities have pursued trespassing charges against people on railroad property, he doubted that any charges would be filed regarding the tragedy,