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Ungated crossing causes tragedy for 7-year-old

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Two granddaughters in Terre Haute, IN lost their grandmother last Friday to a train accident at an ungated crossing. The older of the sisters, at 11, was released from ICU rapidly, while the younger at 7 is still in intensive care. The street, Feree Drive, has three sets of unguarded tracks, including the crossing at which the tragic accident occurred.

As if an unguarded crossing isn't bad enough, witnesses claim that the train didn't blow its whistle until the moment of the crash, and furthermore claim that the train was traveling above its 40 mph limit. The railroad, on the other hand, claims that the train was traveling a safe 39 mph and that it sounded its horn for 20 seconds while approaching the crossing. While more investigation is certainly required, this would by no means be the first case of a railroad company blatantly lying to conceal its fault for a tragic, senseless, and avoidable destruction of life.

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