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Motor vehicles

Collisions between trains and cars, motorcycles, vans, and the like.

Ohio Sheriff Department Captain Seriously Injured as Train Strikes Semi at Oddly Configured Norfolk Southern Crossing

(Eaton, Ohio – January 8, 2016)

A 40-year-old Preble County Sheriff’s Department captain suffered head injuries at about 4:20 P.M., EST Friday afternoon when a semi-trailer truck he was trying to direct out of harm’s way at the U.S. Highway 35 crossing near Eaton, OH was struck by a Norfolk Southern train approaching at about 30 mph. The train hit the truck and sent it careening into the officer’s police cruiser and then struck him.

Tennessee TV Reporter Injured at Non-Gated CSX Crossing

(Brownsville, Tennessee – January 7, 2016)

Ohio Boy Seriously Injured When Car Hit by Train at Dangerous, Unguarded Crossing

(Celina, Ohio – January 4, 2016)

A 9-year-old back-seat passenger of a 2004 Chrysler 300 driven by his father was seriously injured when an R.J. Corman Western Lines train struck their car at the dangerous and unguarded crossing of Staeger Road near Celina, OH at about 5:45 P.M., EST late Monday afternoon.

Three Killed in Oregon Tragedy at Dangerous, Unguarded Union Pacific Crossing

(Union, Oregon --December 29, 2015)

Three Oregon residents, enjoying the day with their dog, all lost their lives Tuesday afternoon at about 2:54 P.M., PST  when the driver of a blue Jeep Cherokee SUV was hit by an eastbound Union Pacific freight train at the dangerous and unguarded crossing of UPRR tracks and Miller Lane near Union, OR.

Two Killed and Four Injured in Collision With Metra Commuter Train

(Hometown, Illinois – December 28, 2015)

Missouri Motorist Killed by Amtrak Train at Dangerous, Unguarded Union Pacific Crossing

(Middlebrook, Missouri – December 28, 2015)

Idaho Motorist Killed at Dangerous, Unguarded Union Pacific Crossing

(Kuna, Idaho – December 28, 2015)

A 19-year-old Nampa, ID man died Monday afternoon at about 3:04 P.M., MST when his southbound car was struck by a westbound Union Pacific freight train he probably never saw until too late at the dangerous and unguarded intersection of UPRR tracks and Black Cat Road in Kuna, ID.

Horrible Collision at a BNSF Crossing Claims Fifth Louisiana Victim

(Coteau, Louisiana – December 26, 2015)

Wisconsin Motorist Killed in Fifth Collision in 15 Years at Unguarded, Dangerous Canadian National Crossing

(Auburndale, Wisconsin – December 24, 2015)

A 30-year-old Marshfield, WI motorist was pronounced dead at the scene of an early morning collision Thursday at the dangerous and unguarded crossing of George Avenue and Canadian National railroad tracks in rural Auburndale, WI after his southbound pickup truck was struck on the passenger side by an eastbound CN freight train.