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Motor vehicles

Collisions between trains and cars, motorcycles, vans, and the like.

Virginia Railway Express Commuter Train Kills Woman Walking to Work

(Manassas, Virginia – January 15, 2014)

A young woman was tragically killed at about 7:00 A.M. Wednesday morning as she crossed Norfolk Southern railroad tracks near one of her workplaces when she was struck by a southbound Virginia Railway Express passenger train at an area just behind the popular Burke Centre shopping area in Manassas, VA.

Motorist Killed by BNSF Train at Dangerous, Unguarded Crossing

(Bonner County, Idaho -- December 31, 2013)

A dangerous and unguarded BNSF railroad crossing between the communities of Sagle and Sand Point in Bonner County, ID was the site of its third accident at about 4:22 P.M. Tuesday afternoon when a collision between a BNSF freight train travelling at a speed of 59 mph from Portland, OR to Chicago, IL and a vehicle driven by 25-year-old Kaitlin Brosh claimed the life of the female motorist.

Motorist Severely Injured by Norfolk Southern Train at Dangerous, Unguarded Crossing

(Louisville, Kentucky – November 26 - December 29, 2013)

News Media Exposes Railroad Industry Reluctance on PTC

(New York, New York – December 20, 2013)

Continuing to call the American railroad industry out on the majority of U.S. rail carriers seeking delay on the year’s end-2015 Congressionally-mandated institution of a nationwide Positive Train Control (PTC) satellite-based railroad safety system, several news media providers have recently questioned the true intent of U.S. rail carriers in delaying implementation another three to five years.

Two Senators Call for Increased Federal Rail Safety Inspection Funding

(New York, New York – December 15, 2013)